Interview software engineers
as if they were working
on a real project

No more exchanging code exercises in zip files over email

  • All candidates code exercises in one place

    Each candidate have their own private repository on GitHub to work on a code challenge. Only your organization members and the candidate will have access.

  • Request a Code Review from your candidate

    Code Review is an effective method of evaluating the candidate's attention to detail and communication skills. Simply create a template repository containing a Pull Request for candidates to review.

  • Organization Friendly

    We use your GitHub Organization memberships to determine who can manage templates and candidates.

  • Submission deadline (coming soon)

    Set a submission deadline to avoid getting hung up waiting for candidates forever. Half-way through the deadline we send an automatic reminder to the candidate.

  • Review the candidate's solution

    Each code reviewer can privately write their notes and give a score on the candidate's solution. Only people within your organization can read.

  • Email automation (coming soon)

    We will send the instructions to candidates and communicate reviewers when they were assigned to review the candidate's solution.


The right price for your size

No Credit Card Required

FREE  for a limited time

Just enough automation to improve the code assessment process on small teams.

  • Unlimited candidate repositories

  • Unlimited organization members

  • Unlimited code reviewers

  • Create candidate repository with preloaded Issue

  • Create candidate repository with preloaded Pull Request

$4 /candidate

Your company needs more automation to handle a high volume of code assessments.

  • All features from the Starter plan

  • Email automation to invite candidate

  • Deadline for code submission

  • Automatically assign code assessment reviewers

  • Add Issue/Pull Request to existing candidate repository

Coming soon

Frequently asked questions

Who has access to the candidate repository?

Only the candidate and the team reviewers invited by you.

Where is the candidate repository hosted?

All candidate repositories are hosted under our private GitHub account.

We don't want to clutter your company's GitHub account with dozens or hundreds of candidate repositories every time you start hiring candidates.

What happens to the candidate repository when I'm done evaluating it?

At any time you can archive a candidate repository.

Archiving gives you the ability to revisit the repository at some point in the future.

Where can I leave product feedback or request a feature?

Please use the web chat in the bottom-right corner to leave product feedback, request a feature, write a testimonial, etc.

When is a candidate repository charged?

We believe that you should only pay for what is used.

Whenever a candidate accepts the invitation to their repository on GitHub we schedule its charge to the next monthly billing cycle.

Do candidate repositories incur any costs to my GitHub organization?

No, because candidate repositories are hosted in our private GitHub account.

Do I have to cancel the subscription when my company is not interviewing?

No. Our pricing model is pay-per-use. We only ever charge when you use the app to evaluate new candidates.

What does "unlimited candidates/organizations/reviewers" mean?

We do not impose limits for using the app regardless your company size or how many candidates you are interviewing.

Our plans differ based on what features are available to use.